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21 August 2006
  What Is the BBOV?
Understanding the Big Blogroll O' Vark®™©

BBOVThe BBOV grew out of a set of posts I wrote on Building a Lutheran Presence (click for Part 1 and Part 2). The first deals with the basics of blog building and writing, the second with ways of being noticed and gaining recognition both by people and by search engines and directories. Using a confessional Lutheran blogroll allows each blogger to advertise others' writings both to individuals and to the various search engines.

To explain in simplified form, the larger the number of links pointing to a blog, the higher it ranks. There are other factors also involved, but in general, if one blog mentioning "Martin Luther" is linked by 3 other blogs and another by 103, the one with the higher number will also rank higher. Of course, the math the search companies use includes instances of the keywords throughout all the blog's pages, the existing ranking of linked blogs, and other factors, such as being mentioned and linked in individual posts vs. in blogrolls.

Using the BBOV lets each participating blogger promote the greater cause of getting Scripturally sound, confessionally oriented information before as many people as possible. Also, as I add new blogs to the list, I also mention them in an introductory post (see In, Out, and on the Fence as an example), increasing even more the opportunities for individuals to find the blogs and search engines to rank them highly.

If you desire to use either the confessional Lutheran portion or all the blogs in my sidebar feel free to copy them individually or (much more easy!) just click here to request the Big Blogroll O' Vark®™©. Tell me if you want only the confessional Lutherans or if you'd also like the others I list. If you wish to suggest your own (or another) blog for possible inclusion, please use the comments for this or any of the other BBOV posts.

Addendum: If you'd like to advertise your affiliation with the Big Blogroll O' Vark®™©, please consider using one of the following graphics. See BBOV Buttons for the details.

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I'm submitting my blog for your blogroll:

This Side of the Pulpit (http://pastorsblog.redeemer-enid.com)

Pr. Christopher Hall
These two have been added along with one other site. Let me know if you'd like a copy of the blogroll for your own sites.
I would also like to submit my blog for the BBOV. My blog is relatively new, still working out some of the kinks.

postings from prairie hill


God Bless,
Pr. David Hansen
I would be honored if you would consider adding my blog to the Big Blogroll O' Vark®™©

It's not quite the Lamb's Book of Life, but it's still quite auspicious company, to be sure.

Mark Birkholz
Mark Birkholz! I knew him in college! Heheh, I suppose that is part of why you're doing this - to keep us all connected.

Anyway, I stumbled into your listing through a friend's blog who is listed (Pastor Steve Cholak - The Crowned Ones). I'm not entirely sure my blog fits in here, but I thought I'd let you know about it and then you can decide whether to include me...

Notebook of Memory

Observations, thoughts and dreams, not always on theological topics, but always from a Christian mentality. I sometimes touch on theology or my life as a Lutheran, keeping in mind my "audience" is comprised of Lutherans, Catholics, atheists and "unaffiliated" folks. A CURF grad and former teacher with a Catholic boyfriend, I enjoy taking pleasure in the little things of life.

Thanks! :)
I would like to submit my brand new blog..

Staking My Life on It

Thank you so much.
I had written in and asked to have my blog added to your blogroll..I have combined my 2 blogs now so the address is
I would like to submit my blog to your blogroll:



Pastor Paul Willweber
Hi, Sorry, I forgot to give you the name of my blog:

Three Taverns


Pastor Paul Willweber
Please add me to the Lutheran blogroll.
Not Quite Art, Not Quite Living

Conrad Gempf, PhD
Lecturer in New Testament
London School of Theology
Please add:

I submit my humble blog:


Yours in Christ,
I'd like to submit my blog for the blogroll.



Pr. B.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting the answer to my Figure It Out Friday concerning Aaron Burr!

I've just begun blogging, but two different editors representing educational magazines have picked up postings of mine to print - and they are PAYING me! (So who knew...!)

While I am not a Lutheran, I almost feel like an 'adopted Lutheran' because I do work with a number of Lutheran Schools on the West Coast (mostly MS) and my curiosity concerning the term, 'Confessional Lutheran' has been heightened by your posts. I believe in confession and the three main creeds of the church and I thought Lutherans did as well. I'm also in the midst of changing denominations; this Lent has been a tough one.


The Tour Marm

Oh. Here is my URL for consideration:

I would like to submit my blog for the BBOV:


Hope you stop on by!
Many thanks and God's blessings,
Thank you for looking at my site. I would love to put the BBOV on my blog (my email address is pemberleysmistress@gmail.com, if you would be so kind as to send it to me). I would also like to submit mine to be added to the list (Treaties on Clockwork Silence: http://splintersinthelight.blogspot.com/).

Thanks again!
Please consider my blog, Laughing Martin, http://imabaldyii.blogspot.com/, for inclusion on the BBOV.

Thank you kndly.

Pr. Kurt Hering
Please add my blog to your list:

Like Wind In Ripe Grain
Please consider my blog for your blogroll.

German-American Lutherans


Pr. Peter A. Bauernfeind
I'm submitting my blog for your blogroll:

Life With The Suttons

Melissa Sutton
I would like to submit my blog for your blogroll:

The Heart of a Pastor

thank much,
This Side of the Pulpit moved, and I hope you can update your link. It is now at http://christopherdhall.blogspot.com

Pr. Christopher Hall
I'd like to submit my blog too:

The World of Doorman-Priest


Pax Christi
(5.25pm GMT)
Still asking.
What? You want me to beg?
Thanks for including me.
We who are about to blog salute you. Would you list us please? Thanks from the CSPP.

Concordian Sisters of Perpetual Parturition
Thanks for your service to promote solid lutheranism through the ether.

Would you please include my new humble offering: Palm Sundays

Danke sehr!
I'd love to be included in your blogroll!

Jake Bouma
I would like to submit my blog for the blogroll.

Wayfarer in the Desert


Your consideration is appreciated-
Pr. Mason Beecroft
I am submitting my blog for your blogroll:

KESED Reflections

Landon Ledlow
Please consider adding "Lest Every Man Be Blind" to your blogroll http://lesteverymanbeblind.blogspot.com Though written by a confessional Lutheran, this is probably not the place for one to gleen what that means. I delve more into the search for Truth and the defending thereof against post-modernism. Basically, I ponder the questions that plague, and entertain, me. It's very self-serving. Always striving to get to the kernel and divest the chaff.
Ego quoque ephemeridem refero. (I too submit my blog):

Hi. I don't know if the offer still stands open, but CTS-FW has a new blog called: Concordia TheoBLOGical Seminary at www.seminaryblog.com

i'd like to submit my blog for inclusion in the blogroll:

My Babblings
Any chance I could be on your blogroll?

92nd & State

Pr. Kurt Onken
I would like to register my blog now. http://www.thesoberpeasant.blogspot.com


Pr. James Douthwaite
I humbly submit my Blog to be added to the Blogroll.

+ The Name of the Lord +

Always under the cross of Christ,
Vicar John Wurst
I've updated my blog address; I would be grateful if you would include it in your BBOV:



Christopher Esget
Pastor, Immanuel Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Alexandria, VA
Please consider my blog for your blogroll:


Thanks! =)
Please consider:

A Man with Only a Word in His Pocket

Pr. Jacob Ehrhard
I'd like to add my blog to your list:

Epistles from Exile: http://pastoralkorn.blogspot.com/

Thank you.

Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr.
I would like to be placed on your blogroll as well.

A myHT Fortress

My wife, Kristi, also has a blog. While theology is not as frequent a topic, she would enjoy the exposure to fellow Lutherans.

k heinz designz

Thanks so much!
Pastor Rich Heinz
I also shall submit my blog:

Synodical Conference Breakup

Focusing on the history of the Lutheran church in the 1950s and 60s.


I also would repsectfully submit my newly created blog:

Simul Iustus et Peccator

Thank you.

Andrew DeLoach
I'm submitting my blog:

Just and Sinner

I'd like to submit my blog...thanks
I would like to submit my blog. It's witnessing to Mormons from a Lutheran law-gospel perspective.
For your consideration:

At the moment it may not be much but with God's grace and some brotherly feedback I'm sure it will become much more.

Pr. Ken Maher
I would like to submit my blog for consideration.

Liturgical East


James Sarver
My blog, formerly included in the BBOV as "Theology from the Inverted Mind of a Lutheran" now has a new name and location.

Lutheran Reformission
Please consider my blog for your blogroll. It is:

Farewell to Shadowlands:
Reflections on the love that changes everything


James Paulgaard
Please consider my congregation's blog for your blogroll:

The Blog of St. Mark

Thank you!
Pr. Benjamin Tomczak
St. Mark Lutheran Church (WELS)
Duncanville, TX
Here's another, from my lovely wife:

"Speak With Me"
Submitting my blog for your blogroll.

T. Emmett Bramwell

Establishing a public voice for a Confessional Lutheran writer of fiction.

Thank You,

T. Emmett Bramwell
Please consider my e-journal for your blogroll:


Hello! I have a blog to submit. Thanks!


Dan Walters
Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran Church (WELS)
Springville, NY
I don't know whether Lutheran Time Out counts as a blog or not. There are posts, and there are comments. But, you know. :)

I've moved the LCMS Calendar page. It is now at:

Will you please add my blog to your blogroll:

The Carolinian Herald of Liberty

Thanks Much,
Paul L. Fox
Will you please add my blog to your blogroll:

The Carolinian Herald of Liberty

Thanks Much,
Paul L. Fox
Please add my blog to your blogroll:

confessing christian

Thank you,
Pastor DJ
I would like to submit my blog as well:
Not With Gold Or Silver

-Pastor Lorfeld
Messiah Lutheran Church, La Crescent, MN
Please add my blog to your roll:



jon bruss
I want to join with your friends through this blogs. What you say..
from: www.scworg.blogspot.com
I would like to submit my blog for your blogroll.

Lutheran Truth

Jason Zoske
Here's my blog for your consideration.

Joyfully Thriving

It's written from my perspective as a Lutheran teacher with the intent to help other Lutheran church workers live within their means - and thrive in God's grace as we do so.
I would like to submit my blog!

Queen Mommie

I'd like to submit my blog to your blogroll...http://gnudeer.blogspot.com/2011/04/tomorrow-is-laetare-sunday-last-sunday.html Thank you, Paul M. Smith
Wow. What a list you have going already! I would love to submit my blog to yours as well -


I'm a Lutheran in Australia, and my site is Delving into the Scriptures.

I don't update it nearly often enough, but it is confessional, if not specifically Lutheran, and it has a great name:

May I humbly suggest the blog at FaithCapo.com

Thank you.

Erik Mansoor
Please consider adding the following blog:


Thank you!
I would like to submit my blog for the confessional blog roll. The title is My Lutheran Roots and can be found at http://revdw1.wordpress.com

Thanks for providing such a great resource!

Please consider my shiny new blog for your blogroll:

O Perfect Life of Love


Take Care,

John Molitor
Pls. Consider my blog for your blog roll. Thanks! It is largely reblogs from Lutheran MS Pastors with a couple of others for Mormons looking to leave Mormonism.
(They compare things with sound, Christian Biblical doctrine. Some fall into Fund. Bap. Churches and this is a way for they to see a better doctrine in the Cofessional LCMS!)

Compendium of Christian Blogs

(note: URL intentionally misspelled)

Sue J. In NJ
Hey: take a look at my blog and see if it passes muster for your blog's list! I think it's pretty good, but traffic is often slow. Thanks. Rev. Karl Hess

Aardvark Alley,

I am submitting my blog for your blogroll:

Surburg's blog

I just began it at the start of February. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at:

In Christ,

Mark Surburg
I would like to submit my new blog: Roser's Reflections (http://rosersreflections.blogspot.com). My old blog: Teaching Faith in Christ has been replaced with this one.

Thank you, Walter!

In Christ Jesus,
St. John's Lutheran (LCMS)
Beloit, WI
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