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08 May 2006
  A New Month of Aardies

Small Golden Aardvark AawardWelcome to the "winners" of the AARDIE (Aardvark Aaward for Raillery, Doctrine, or Intellect in Exposition) — a personal response to the glut of "honors" bestowed by the rest of the world and the dearth of similar commendations with which I agree.

Most come from within the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, other winners are elsewhere in my blogroll, links I followed, or just fortunate finds. While others make an occasional suggestion concerning the inclusion of meritorious posts, the final decision (and blame) rests upon yours truly.

Aardie: The Golden Aardvark AawardAs noted in the inaugural post, honorees "are invited to display the coveted (but not in a 10th Commandment manner, please) Golden Aardvark on their own blogs.... [T]wo sizes are available, discreet (above) and "loud and proud" (right)." I leave it to you to decide whether and which to use and whether to place it in the body of the honored post, in a separate post, or in your blog's sidebar. If you do mention receipt of the Aardie, you may certainly link back to this post or to the Alley.

But enough of me, let's get on to you — you the honored blogger and you the welcome reader as we meet a dozen bloggers who've made my day sometime during the past month:

‡ Pastor Joe Fremer, the Grateful Christian, visits one of literature's most misunderstood works in Frankenstein: Preliminaries. Whether or not you've read the book before, even if you're a bit of an "expert" on it, his interpretation of the work as a "charge against God" bears serious consideration.

‡ Some people put their theology on bumper stickers. Father Hollywood uses his theological acumen to examine what's really being said. Straight talk, solid theology, and skewed sense of humor — Father Larry's a triple threat, but he only gets one Aardie for these three posts: Real Men Love Jesus and Other Balderdash, Speaking of Bumper Stickers, and More-on Bumper Stickers (pun intentional, I believe).

‡ In Sacramentally Backwards, Ryan Schroeder of WDJD takes much of modern Evangelical Christianity to task for setting limits on who may be baptized while opening up communion to almost anyone.

‡ Bad taste or bad theology? Why not have both! I happened upon Clash of the Skin-Tite Gospels at Phreaky Phriday and figured that the clothing catalogued here was perfect fodder for the Aardies. Come for the pix, stay for the comments.

Die Schreiben von Schreiber includes Scott's Ablaze Comments. In it, he studies and debunks material from the LCMS's most recent evangelism program disguised as a movement.

‡ So I'm a little slow ... St. Charles Place will be added to the Big Blogroll o'Vark the next time I do an update. In the meantime, you can read My Jesus, I Bought Thee to see why I'm high on this wannabe pastor from Macon, Georgia.

‡ One reason I like The Burr in the Burgh so much is that Scott and I often independently form the same thoughts and come to the same conclusions. What he says about Liberal Conservatives in the Lutheran Church is what I've been saying for years. Then, in God Does, in Fact, Reject People, he takes those horrible UCC ejector seat commercials to task.

‡ David Bowie and the LCMS, together at last! Well, sort of. Living Like a Lutheran rips into the shrubberies of a "Lutheran" labyrinth in Walkersville, Maryland. Wasting Your Witness then goes cross-country to prune back similar goofiness in San Francisco.

Wait ... odd advice from What You Do, Do Quickly, eh? Brickle muses upon the mortality of the liberal wing of the LCMS. Festina lente, Brickle.

I Took the Job, says Dr. Gene Edward Veith of Cranach. What job? Read the post, find out, and extend the good doctor your congratulations.

‡ Pastors, teachers, and congregations of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod pledge to renounce unionism and syncretism of all types. Paul McCain of Cyberbrethren does just that with Somebody Forgot to Invite Jesus to the National Day of Prayer.

How Cool Is THIS?! Pretty cool, thinks the Aardvark with the Arts degree. Check out for yourself this nifty interactive literary map that the Tarheel Lutheran found.

See you on the flip side.
Help me out. I don't understand the differences between the Golden Aardie and the Lutheran Carnival. I assumed that if you won the Lutheran Carnival then you get the Golden Aardie.

I just noticed that my "Rambolings" was listed on the Lutheran Carnival by Ask The Pastor. I now noticed that my post "Wasting Your Witness" was given an Aardie award.

This whole situation has blown my mind as to what I thought I knew.

I feel a bit dumb, but do need some explanation.


Wahooo!!!! I won a Golden Aardie!!!!!!!!!!
The Lutheran Carnival consists of posts submitted by their authors. Hosting rotates from site to site each two weeks. Some hosts, including Ask the Pastor also allow third-party submissions or seek out the writing of others. The only way to guarantee that you have a post or two included in the carnival is to submit it yourself according to the guidelines on the main blog.

The Aardie, on the other hand, is given only at my whim. Thus the dubious nature of the honor. If you like me and/or my blog, you'll probably appreciate the award more than if you see me as a self-centered egoist doing whatever he can to draw more people to his own blog.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the midst of this confusion. That being said, evidently Ask the Pastor really wanted the one post for the carnival; this Aardvark's fancy was tickled by the one included here.
Ooookie Dokie!! :o)

Thanks for the insight, I think you set me straight. I published the Aardie award on my sight.

Thanks again, I appreciated it!
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