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08 April 2006
  Growing Fame or Fool's Gold?
Aagree or Disagree, New Aardies Aare Aawarded

Small Golden Aardvark AawardWelcome to new and repeat "winners" of the AARDIE (Aardvark Aaward for Raillery, Doctrine, or Intellect in Exposition) — a personal response to the glut of "honors" bestowed by the rest of the world and the dearth of similar commendations with which I agree.

Most come from within the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, other winners are elsewhere in my blogroll, links I followed, or just fortunate finds. While others make an occasional suggestion concerning the inclusion of meritorious posts, the final decision (and blame) rests upon yours truly.

Aardie: The Golden Aardvark AawardAs noted in the inaugural post, honorees "are invited to display the coveted (but not in a 10th Commandment manner, please) Golden Aardvark on their own blogs.... [T]wo sizes are available, discreet (above) and "loud and proud" (right)." I leave it to you to decide whether and which to use and whether to place it in the body of the honored post, in a separate post, or in your blog's sidebar. If you do mention receipt of the Aardie, you may certainly link back to this post or to the Alley.

But enough of me, let's get on to you — you the honored blogger and you the welcome reader:

‡ While A Beggar at the Table certainly deserves consideration for a "body of work" award, Pastor Klages' recent profile of Nestorius stands out. He captured the man, the factors influencing his thinking, and the results of his errant theology in easily read and understood fashion.

‡ After reading A Modest Proposal for a New Book of Concord Translation, a number of people came away marveling at Frank's grasp of Confessional scholarship and the nuances of hermeneutics and translation. As you read the rest of the blog, you'll see that Putting Out the Fire was no flash in the pan but a steady flame of Lutheran light in the South.

‡ Paul McCain's Cyberbrethren is a true giant in the Lutheran blogosphere, not only in terms of readers but especially regarding outstanding content. I've Been Wondering About Believing In and Worshiping the One True God artfully weaves the Scriptures and Luther into the ongoing discussion of whether or not Mohammedans and Christians worship the same God.

‡ In a related post, First Person Life poses the challenge cum question, Allah Is Impotent? Seminary student Matthew Dent wonders just how strong the Muslim god could be if his followers must do all his judging and smiting for him

The Grateful Christian, Pastor Joe Fremer, made a Brief Observation — so brief that this mention is longer than his post, so accurate that I had to include it.

‡ Sean, the young and talented church organist, of Hot Lutheran on Lutheran Action contrasts the "I want" demands for novelty and "relevance" of the Old Adam with the flow and ritual of "traditional" worship. He opines that in the Kingdom of Grace, we poor sinners need less Church Bullsh*t and more meaningful, liturgical worship, solid Law and Gospel preaching, and the sense and substance of a true Divine Service. And to think he's only 21!

Betcha Didn't Know That about Jerry Falwell — so begins the first of two Aardie-winning posts from CPA of Three Hierarchies. It certainly displays one of the crasser forms of the theology of glory rampant today. He then provides an interesting look at the conflicting interests within the G.O.P., especially regarding family issues, in Allan Carlson Challenges the Republican Mainstream. And if you never read (or heard of) Dorothy Sayers, you might just want to find out more after reading her reply to a scientist concerning her Christian faith.

Weekend Fisher took on a Calvinist perspective from Theologica, responding in depth to their "ordered lists of salvation" with God's Eternal Decrees: The Missing Decree. Be sure to read the comments, follow the links, and check out subsequent posts in order to get a more complete picture of what's at stake.

Glorifying God with Our Lives sounds like what we should be doing — until you read the subtitle: The Christianity of the Pharisaic Tradition. Othniel of Cross Theology certainly sparked some lively commentary with this thoughtful essay comparing the Pharisees' Law-driven personal piety with similar sentiments in current Christian (even Lutheran) circles.

Extreme Theology, a blog I've recently begun following, leads the reader into and beyond one of the contemporary Christianity's favorite fads in What Is the Emerging Church Movement and Why I'm Post-Emergent. Good introduction to Chris Rosebrough's insightful writing.

‡ It's not that the writing itself in this particular post is so outstanding. However, as one who grew up on his music, I had to laud the messenger — Beggars All — for the message — Ted Nugent to Appear on Issues, Etc.. Considering the date of the missive (1 April), do you think I should waste time trying to phone in an advance request?

‡ Mortality and eternity meet at the baby's bed in Theology for the Dying and the Dead, a poetic piece of prose from Rob at Love & Blunder. The daddy and the pastor in me both loved it.

‡ Sean's not the only one recently taking up arms against innovative "worship" practices. The Old School Confessional goes to the mat with Contemporary Praise & Worship and AC VII.

‡ "Real life" is different for each one of us. Over at Our Little House on the Prairie, we find Caroline Down in the Dumps over her medical insurance's interpretation of her exact needs in breast reduction surgery. No wonder that fiction's a dying genre — the facts are just too strange these days.

‡ Must be something about the alignment of the planets or the time of the year ... Daylight just recently broke this news: LCMS for Sale on e-Bay.

Bob Waters is one of my favorite Lutheran bloggers. He's also one of my favorite Lutheran Cubs fans. So his near-epic poem, Opening Day, 2006, brought a smile even to this life-long Cardinal fan's face.

‡ Pastor Dave Petersen's CyberStones always ranks among my favorite reads. Like many, I especially appreciate his frank and heartfelt reporting about Dave and Jacqui's autistic son John. So when The Best Day came for John, it certainly also made my day.

‡ Finally, we come to The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns. I know that she's a bit rough and abrupt for some of my readers (she can sometimes even make an Aardvark blush). However, beyond the shots she takes at a very vulnerable Katie Holmes, Sam's Moron Revealed #27, shows clearly the occultic, manipulative face of Scientology.
Thank you for the link and the kinds words. And I remember from when I was working on the art carnival that you're an artist. Nice aardvark.

Btw I'm confessional Lutheran also.
I didn't know for sure, although nothing of your blog ever said otherwise. I'll move you up at the Alley and the Luther Library and hope that others do likewise on their blogs. Keep up the good work.
Cool, thanks for the award. I'm putting it into my awards catergory for sure.

And, although I am rather crass in my blog and don't come across as being religious, I am baptised and confirmed Lutheran, so yay!
I got one! Thanks!!!
Most Honorable Orycteropus Afer,
It is indeed an honor for my site to receive such a coveted award. Thank you so much for your very kind words on the content of my site as a whole. I know that my sarcastic sense of humor sometimes hides the serious of the issues that I'm passionate about and you have seen through this on more than one occasion. Again, thank you.
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