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21 October 2005
  The Aardvark Aagrees
Wherein We Give Props to Others' Blogging Labors

Aardie: The Golden Aardvark AawardI decided today as I began reading through my blogroll, especially in light of the recent post involving a rising tide, to take a few moments and make an annotated highlight reel, pointing you to fellow bloggers and telling you why I liked each post. The order is alphabetical by my blogroll; YMMV.

Blog My Soul lets us read these Signs. I include it because it made me laugh.

‡ In his comments on Philip Pullman's dislike of an "unloving" Narnia, Pr. Stiegemeyer becomes a "burr" under the atheist's saddle. Scott "gets" Aslan because he "gets" Jesus.

‡ Coincidence? My next suggestion is Dr. Veith's Cranach taking to task of uncivil semi-libertarians in Florida who followed their free-speech revels during "banned book week" by proposing a ban on teaching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in the public schools.

Cross Theology hits another one out of the park with Contra Mundum. Anyone who can successfully compare 2Pac and Athanasias deserves the props.

‡ David Bickel's Dawning Realm examines Calvinistic modification of justification by faith alone: Does God save all who believe the good news of Christ crucified? — and yes, the post is longer thant the title. He also provides a PDF of this thoughtful study.

‡ In Men, I'll Say This Once, Bunnie Diehl goes looking for a few good (and chivalrous) men. Recommended because I open doors for the ladies and expect other gentleaardvarks to do the same.

‡ Newish Lutheran blogger Jeremy Abel, who enjoys Living Among the Mysteries, leads us Out of This World, Over the Rhine with his latest musical suggestion.

In Some Lands ... Sean wouldn't have to explain to his pietiestic friends why it's okay to go have a couple beers with his pastor, as he does at Purpose Driven Drinking.

‡ The Deaconatrix of Quicunque vult, the dear Ste. Em, takes us on a field trip that actually discovers real treasure while she speaks Of Those Who Are Left Behind.

"WE" Believe, Teach, Confess, Reject, Condemn... is quite the mouthful. Pastor Jeffrey Warner unpacks the Lutheran affirmations and the Lutheran rejections of our confessions at Spirit and Life. In part, it's a good parallel to the old adage, "Judge me by my enemies, not just my friends."

Yes, but... says watersblogged! to the Rev. Paul McCain's Cyberbrethren comments on Aversion to Sanctification. Bob Waters delves into antinomianism, legalism, evangelicalism, and other isms contrary to sound doctrine and good Law and Gospel preaching. [Note: When I first posted this, I was picking among the most recent posts on various blogs. The post to which watersblogged! responded was not among them. The comment to my post by the Rev. McCain indicates that he believes that I have taken sides against him in the debate. This is not the case: I'm reading with interest the writing by both and the comments on watersblogged! I apologize to Paul McCain if I seemed to favor one over the other; right now, I'm merely a most interested bystander. I've added the link to the post on Cyberbrethren in the interest of fairness.]

‡ Finally, Jesus Isn't My Boyfriend; do you need more than the title in order to visit What You Do, Do Quickly?

Bloggers mentioned here may pick up their Aardies at any time.
Oh Great Anonymous One, if you are going to put up a diss of my post, maybe you could put up my post! And while you are at it, my sermon on Good Works.

To all those who say we are not supposed to preach sanctification, I say, "Baloney" and "Bring it on baby!"

Let the blog war begin!

I'm not going to sign my name, since that seems to be popular these days, but here is my Blog site where you can find my posts on Sanctification.

The sermon on good works is a very good one. Unfortunately, Pastor M, it's not what you're arguing for. It's a sermon *about* sanctification.

Hub of the disagreement: Are we to proclaim the Law, or to proclaim specific *uses* of the Law? Our entire disagreement hangs on that point.

The late Bob Preus agreed with me that we simply preach the Law.
Dear Mighty Blogging Aardvark, thanks for the links to my posts. Mr. Waters fails to see my points and runs amuck in confusions of all sorts, of his own making, unfortunately. And as for his conversations with the late Dr. Robert Preus, first, nobody who knew Dr. Preus would ever call him "Bob." It was always Robert, but to me he was always "Dr. Preus" and always will be. Second, of course Dr. Preus said that the Law is always the Law. Third, perhaps Mr. Waters can explain how it is he has managed to make contact with the late Dr. Preus and received from him this alleged agreement. I had many long conversations with Dr. Preus while he was still with us and we covered the issue of sanctification thoroughly. He never supported the sort of phobia that seems to have sunk in regarding the proper, Biblical and Confessional preaching of sanctification. Never! Note... I said "proper" and "Biblical" and "Confessional."
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