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25 December 2007
  Many Ways ...

Small Golden Aardvark AawardThis collection of Christmas writings also involves my special holiday bestowal of the Aardies upon some very worthy posters. Anyone so desiring may copy either the large or the small (shown here) Golden Aardvark, a token of having received the Aardvark Aaward for Raillery, Doctrine, or Intellect in Exposition. So ...

Merry Christmas from — and Golden Aardvarks to — a Whole Bunch of Confessional Lutherans:

  A Truly Meaningful Christmas  Ask the Pastor
  Blessed Christmas from the Mad Theologian and her Prediger  Bad Carol
  Merry Christmas  Bailing Water
  Sermons: Eve of Nativity and Nativity  Mason Beecroft
  Farewell Advent and Christmas Thoughts  A Beggar at the Table
  Merry Christmas  Black Cloister
  Have Yourself a Syncretistic Little Christmas  The Blair Church Project
  Sermons: St. Matthew 1:22-23, St. Luke 2:1-20, and St. John 1:1-14  Bloghardt's Reflector
  Merry Christmas, Coptic Style  Blonde Moment
  How Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas and Tale of Two Christmases  The Burr in the Burg
  Christmas in DC  Chaplain Dave's Newsletter
  Merry Christmas!, The Sweetest Part of Christmas, and Children and Icon-like Nativity Scenes  The Children of God
  Merry Christmas!  Cleaving the Darkness
  The Carols of Christmas!  Cleveland Confessional Lutheranism
  Christmas Town in a Time Machine  Concordia Seminary Institute of Lay Vocation: Uwe Siemon-Netto
  God's Weeping, Humanity's Joy and And Is It True?  Confessing Evangelical
  Sermons: Advent 4 and Christmas  Confessional Gadfly
  Cranach's Greatest Christmas Hits: In Defense of the Commercialization of Christmas, The Santa Claus Slap, Why Christmas Is on December 25, and Evidence December 25 Is the Right Day  Cranach
  A Blessed Christmas to All and Christmas Day  Cruce Tectum
  The Word Became Flesh  Rev. Cwirla's Blogosphere
  The Joys of Familial Christmas Service, Christmas Eve Sermon, Christmas Pressure and Fictional Audiences  CyberStones
  A Christmas Carol  Daylight: Rick Ritchie
  Advent & Christ-Mass 2007  de ecclesia et liturgia
  Christmas Ralph  Des Moines 360
  A Less Merry Christmas, Sermon for Christmas Day, and My Christmas Decorations  Drowning Myself Whenever I Can
  Christmas Pictures  Erin-Go-Blog
  Recreating a Christmas Culture, The Word Tabernacled Among Us, O Beautiful Paradox!, Sermon for Christmas Day, Sentimentality v. Contemplation  Esgetology
  From the Angel on Our Tree  Extra Nos
  Sermons: Christmas Eve with Lessons and Carols, Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass, and Nativity of Our Lord  Father Hollywood
  The Wonder of It All  Fishpond
  Music for the Holidays and Christmas Eve Snaps  A Fort Made of Books
  Are Christians Taking the Christ Out of Christmas?  Garden of Gethsemane
  Daddy's Gonna Kill Ralphie  Geek Spaces
  I Am So Glad When Christmas Comes  German-American Lutherans
  The Grammarian, XIII and The Grammarian, XIV  Gottesblog
  Christmas: On Taking Human Form  Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength
  Christmas Eve and Christmas Mishaps  Homestead Lutheran Academy
  Christmas Is About Getting Stuff  House, M.Div.
  The Month Before Christmas  I Could be Wrong ... but I Doubt It
  I Think This Is Neat  I Shouldn't be Doin' This
  Christmas Sermon  Ichabod
  I Like It's a Wonderful Life  incarnatus est
  Happy Boxing Day  Indiana Jane's Journal
  A Christmas Eve Poem and A Christmas Goose  Jottings and Such
  Merry Christmas! It's Not Just another Holiday  Journalistic Jargon
  The Great Christmas Truce of 2007  Katie's Beer
  The Shepherds See It for Themselves  Kelly's Blog
  Almost Ready  Kirken's Place
  The Reality of Christmas  Laughing Martin
  Merry Christmas Eve  Life with the Suttons
  Tiny Tim Was Right  LongEyeMoose
  Merry Christmas from the Henhouse  Lutheran Hen
  Sermons: The Story of the Ages, Fear Not, and Into Flesh Is Made the Word  The Lutheran Logomaniac
  The Christmas Donkey and Christmas  Lutheran Lucciola
  Merry Christmas Everybody  Lutheran Lucy
  De mysteriis incarnationis  Lvtheranvs Latine Profitens
  Christmas Parable  Memorial Lutheran Church: Pastor Murray
  Sermons: Christmas Is Love and Christmas Speaks  The Minnesota Lutheran
  Christmas Past  Mossback Meadow
  Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth, Peace; Good Will Among Men!  Mother Hubbard's Cupboard
  It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas  Muddy Boots
  Born of the Virgin Mary and A Christ-Mass After All  Necessary Roughness
  Christmas Stockings  NightlyKnitter's LotzaStitches
  Songs and Poetry: Her Kommer Dine Arme Smaa, Yuletide in a Younger World, et al.  Norman's Demesne
  Recognizing Him  North Prairie Pastor
  A Christ Mass Hymn (includes links to sermons)  Not Alone
  Reflections on a Christmas Eve Sermon  On the Wittenberg Trail
  Holy Christmas Day  One Lutheran ... Ablog!
  Sermon on Luke 2:1-14  Outer Rim Territories
  December 25  Pagans and Lutherans
  Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad / Froeliche Weinachten and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas ... Shhh!  Past Elder
  Jesse Tree December 24  Pistol Packin' Presbytera
  Today  Preachrblog
  My Favorite Xmas Narrative and Frohe Weinachten!  Putting Out the Fire
  All Wrapped Up  Quicunque Vult
  Early Christmas Gifts  Rapp Files
  Luther: Christ's Holy Birth Is Our Birth and Two Sermons: Where Is Bethlehem? and God Locates Himself  RAsburry's Res (Stick around for a look at the 6 part series The Doctrine of Bethlehem)
  Cool Christmas Present  Revvin' Rev
  Did You Listen? and John 1:1-14  A Round Unvarnish'd Tale
  A Happy Christmas  St. Antony's Cave
  Christmas Meditations from the Fathers and A Blessed Feast of the Nativity to You  St. James the Hoosier
  Merry Sacrilege and Hodie Christus Natus Est  Die Schreiben von Schreiber
  All I Want for Christmas  Simul Justis et Pecatur
  Laryngitis, A Birthday Story, Carols and Hymns, and Fluxx  Susan's Pendulum
  Christmas  TheoCon
  Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad  Thinking-Out-Loud
  Merry Christmas!  This Side of the Pulpit
  Sermons: Are You Just Along for the Ride? and God Born of Woman; Man Born of God  Three Taverns
  Sermon: Christmas Is Simple  Rev. Tucher
  Christmas Eve and a New Friend  Uneasy Priest
  Binding the Strong Man  Upstate Lutheran
  How Silently, How Silently, the Wondrous Gift Is Giv'n  watersblogged!
  Sermons: Christmas Eve, Luke 2:19 and Christmas Day, Luke 2:1-20  Watt's What
  Feast of the Nativity, Luke's Christmas and John's Christmas, and Christmas Moments  Weedon's Blog
  O Tannenbaum, Merry Christmas!, and On the First Day of Christmas  Wendy & Her Lost Boys
  The Manger  The Wittenberg Catholic
  Christmas and New Year  The Wolf Pack
  20071225 Christ's Mass Day  Worldview

Meanwhile, These People Were Also Writing or Compiling Reflections and Celebrations about Jesus' Birth:

  Matthew 1:18-25  Agnus Day
  My Christmas Post  The Beast's Lair
  How Atheists Celebrate Christmas and Taking Christ Out of Christmas  Dinesh D'Souza
  Annunciation  The Dawn Patrol
  A Christmas Parable in the Heartland, Think Ye Green (and Christ Is Born), For the Life of the World, and Baby Jesus, with a GPS Device  Get Religion
  Three Christmas Stories for the Second Half of Life  Internet Monk
  Merry Christmas from the Jolly's  JollyBlogger
  Merry Christmass  One Apostolic and Catholic Church
  A Wonderful Christmas Story: The Short Version  Pro-Life Blogs
  Christmas Eve and Wishing You Joy at Christmas  Wittingshire
  The Newsletter vs. the Card, Here We Come a Caroling, Christmas Poetry, and Today's Comic  World on the Web

Of Course, Christians Around the Globe, in These and Other Languages, Have a Similar Message of Joy:

International Christmas Greetings

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Thank you Herr Pastor, not only for the coveted award, but for pointing out a few posts that I’ve missed during a very hectic time of year. A merry Christmas from both the missus and I.
The dam bursts, leaving a big, watery, baptismal mess.

Happy New Year, Pastor, and thanks!

In Ukrainian:

Z Rizdvom Khrystovym ;-)
Pastor, thank you so much for the Golden Aardie Award! I think this is the first time I've ever gotten one from you. That's not too surprising since I don't post on my blog very often.

I didn't even notice until today because I don't look at too many blogs very often, but I will promptly post it on my blog, "loud and proud" as you described in your post about how to put the Aardie on one's blog. :D
Thank you very much for the Golden Aardie!! I just saw about it on Frank's blog -- guess I didn't scroll far enough when I read the Alley Christmas post.

And here I was wondering if anyone actually read my blog!

Thanks again!
Wow! Thanks for the props! You can bet I will be displaying my Golden Aardie loud and proud. And to think I owe it all to "barf!"

Thanks again!
Thanks Sir Aardvark! I'm a bit behind on my blog reading.

I can't believe I have an Aardie!
Thank you so much the award. I had been hoping for one and you noticed when I was not even trying. Thank You!
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